Sunday, July 10, 2011

One More Airport Coat Variation

I am sharing one more variation of this design.
The others I have made are either not here or have been sold.

I made this one jacket length without the collar.
I used a woven fabric for the base and knit fabrics for the 3 outer layers.

Base Fabric - a textured cotton dress weight
Layer 1 - a tan and cream loosely knit cotton sweater knit
Layer 2 - an olive cotton single knit
Layer 3 and binding - a teal and olive acrylic sweater knit

I choose to do a chevron or V design with the stitching on this jacket, a very flattering line.
The stitching lines are three quarters of an inch apart.
The sleeve, front and lower edges are finished with a simple 1/2 inch binding using the sweater knit.

This is a great weight for fall and early winter.

Because of the slashing of the fabric the garments made from this pattern are very drapey and flattering to all sizes.

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