Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Wedding Quilt

This is the king size quilt I made for my son Greg and his wife Julie for their wedding. Although I didn't finish it in time for the wedding it was finished in 1995. It has been well taken care of. I also made coordinating pillows.

I am in the process of trying to document (with photos) most of the 355 quilts I have made over the years.

I did not have a photo of this one so they brought it with them when they visited so I could take a picture of it.

This is the first quilt I had someone else quilt on a long arm machine. I designed a feather design to fit the quilt perfectly. It was a real challenge for the quilter.
I quilted the border myself on my regular machine.

I am kicking myself now that I didn't get a closeup of the quilting for you to see.

Julie packed up a suitcase full of quilts for me to photograph.

Some I had even forgot I made.

This is a quilt that was used and loved and shows it. I made this for Greg in 1970 when he was 8. It is simply a piece of striped bottom weight cotton fabric that I quilted along some of the stripes.

The thing that made it special is the fact that I added his name to it.
I did this with my Singer 201 and a Kenmore monogram attachment.
You can see how the quilt is shredded and tattered in this close up.

I think I have only made one quilt that has been used and worn out more than this one. The last time I saw it the entire quilt was in shreds.
That was for a grandson and I don't have a photo of the finished quilt and I would guess it is in a landfill somewhere now.

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