Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Will A Quilt Happen?

Often I sew strips of fabric together to make my own "fabric" to design a quilt with.

I have no idea what I will do with these strip fabrics when I am making them.

There are times when they speak to me and become a quilt right away.

There are also times when they need time to rest before they let me know what they want to be. This group has been taking a long nap!

Occasionally I cut the fabrics specifically for that sewing session.

Other times I go to one of my drawers or boxes and take out things I have cut already.

When I finish a project I often cut the left over fabric into strips if it is less than 6 inches. Those precut strips are a real time saver when I get the urge to sew strips together.

Sewing strips together can also be a mindless project when I just want to get on the machine and sew - ZOOM ZOOM ZOOM!

I have quite a collection of strip pieced fabric at my disposal to use when I choose to make something.

These are just a sampling of what I have at my disposal.


Nina-Marie said...

I find your love affair with these strips fascinating - all the different ways you can put them together and use - gosh its endless!!

Robin said...

loved the last two posts. I was out of town and just got to read and catch up. Is it time for a puzzle (of you young and older). hint hint