Friday, July 15, 2011

Polly, Esther And The Men Demand Equal Time

Proper attire for men has changed a lot in the last few decades.

I think the men's polyester double knit leisure suit had a big influence on the changes in what was acceptable.

All of a sudden it was acceptable for men to wear pastel suits!

How nice to have a jacket that was comfortable and never showed a wrinkle.

How nice to have a jacket that will never wear out no matter how many times you wear it.

I think there was a conspiracy by ready to wear that made all these wonderful polyester double knit clothing passe and men, like women, went on to new styles and fashions!

These are all jackets I made for my husband and are being modeled by my grandson Nicholas. They all look like they were just made and are in perfect condition, even though they were each worn a lot.

They were one of the surprises I got during the "studio annex" excavation when the box of them made a surprise appearance. I had thought all clothing had been brought out last year. Most of them had matching pants but those seem to have disappeared.

These will never wear out. There is no market for them on eBay, no matter how well made they are. They will not disintegrate if disposed of in a landfill.

I guess they will have to wait until the style comes back. In case it doesn't they could make great Halloween costumes!

I know a few of my former students read this blog. I taught many classes in men's PDK leisure jackets, men's PDK sport coats and men's PDK slacks. Do any of you still have some of them?
Remember how your husbands thought you were the greatest when you made clothes for them? I certainly enjoyed sharing how to make these things and teaching y'all how to make them. I know it created a lot of good memories.

One thing I forgot to mention is there is a LOT of PDK fabric in my donation pile of boxes in the garage! If you want it come and get it before the BIG truck comes and hauls it away!!!!!!!!!!!


Exuberant Color said...

Our local theater group puts a call out for certain vintage clothing now and then. I got rid of a pair of plaid corduroy hip hugger bellbottom pants a couple years ago when they were doing a 70s play.

floribunda... aka Julie said...

I made several PDK suits for my mother back in the 70's -- interesting jacquard textures. It would be sort of fun to see those again!

Anonymous said...

I also mae many pdk suits and my mother took all the leftover fabric and made a utility quilt and batted it with high loft poly batt and tied it. We used it in the motor home and is one of the most useable and comfortable quilts I own. I love it, my kids love it and as you say, the fabric probably will never wear out. Washes like a dream, and fits in a space bag beautifully.

Myra said...

I assume we are talking Fortrel fabric here...
My mother used to make the whole family outfits with it!!
Pants, suit jackets and vests, for Dad and Bro.
Pants, hot-pants outfits, platazzo pants, dresses, you name it for her and myself!!
You know, no matter how hard I tried to get holes in the knees of those pants, it just wouldn't happen!!!
Thank goodness we've moved on in fabrics/fashion!!! lol! 8-)