Thursday, July 21, 2011

Can You See A Design And Color Signature In My Work?

I put some of my recent completion pieces on the design wall along with a WIP.

With the exception of the two black and white pieces these are not pieces in the same series.
Often people say they can spot my work not matter what I do.
Can you?
Would you have thought all of these were done by the same person?

I think one of the reasons this is on my mind is because I posted a photo on Facebook.

I asked if anyone recognized who the girls in this photo were. (It was taken when I was in 9th grade)
I was surprised when several friends who didn't know me what back when recognized me in the photo instantly.

This is a recent picture of me.
Would you recognize me in the first photo after seeing this?


Eva said...

Yes I do. But as I won't spoil the game, I'll mail my answer.

LynDee said...

I think part of your signature is that you "explore the possibilities of line" "in black and white or colored fabrics" "for the viewing enjoyment of yourself and others".

Anonymous said...

You look older for some reason in the second picture.