Friday, July 8, 2011

My If I Wanted To Meet A Man In An Airport Coat

I talked about this coat some time ago, but did not have a picture to show you.
My daughter in law Julie was nice enough to model this for me so I could show you what it looks like.

The weight is similar to the weight of a trench coat, but it is so much more fun to wear than a boring old trench coat!

This is what I said on the previous post:
I posted today on Quilt Art about a coat I had made from my Slashed Coat/Jacket pattern. The subtitle of mine is "My If I Wanted To Catch A Man In An Airport Coat".

I didn't want to and I don't want to. But everytime I wore it men would stop me and ask about it.

The first time it happened I was on the people mover at the Atlanta airport. A man struck up a conversation with me, which surprised me since I was past the age where men hit on you! He was very interested in the coat and very complementary about it.
This continued to happen each time I was in an airport and I was flying a lot back then. It was the perfect weight to go from cold weather to warmer weather.

This is the now famous coat.
This particular one was made with 4 layers of cotton.

The base layer is slightly heavier than a quilting cotton.
Layer 2 is a carmel color quilting weight (and all the other layers) cotton.
Layer 3 is what makes this so fun and funky. It is made from diagonal strips of red, black and rust alternating in no specific design.
Layer 4 (the outer layer) is an olive quilting weight cotton.

Using 100% cotton is what allows these layers to fluff out when the coat is washed. It is one of those garments that just gets better and better the more you wash it and dry it in the dryer.

Both the front and back have a neat asymmetric design.

Since there are no seam finishes or edge finishes this is a relatively quick coat to make. All the lines are stitched in one direction and there are no extra patterns added to the stitching which also makes this a quick project.

I have made several other variations from this pattern, both jacket and coat length.
They all get a lot of attention each time I wear them.


Anonymous said...

Loved being able to get close up views of the coat.... while I was at it my eye caught the drawers!!! Do tell us about this wonderful piece of furnature! I just love drawers......

Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

Thanks for asking.
Like almost everything else in my house that piece has a story.
I'll be happy to share the story in a future post.
Maybe not for a little while, but I won't forget.