Monday, July 18, 2011

Double Finish - Grid Structure 1 and 2

It was a great feeling when I took the last hand stitch on grid Structure 2, having finished Grid Structure 1 the day before.
These are quilts I started recently and it is good to start and finish within a short amount of time.
Often that doesn't happen as I have to wait for the quilts to tell me what they want.
These were very vocal and for that I am thankful!
I take my time with each and every piece I create and never rush to finish them until I am satisfied with both the design and construction of each piece.

This is Grid Structure 1. It is 17 1/4 inches wide and 18 1/2 inches high. I love the clean fresh graphic look of black and white.

Grid Structure 2 is 26 by 26 inches. The strong graphic image is softened by the circular quilting.

The two of them make a great pair. I hope they will both be purchased by one collector.


Quilty Conscience said...

Very dynamic! Wonderful works of art. Toni

Vicki W said...

I love that curved quilting in the second one.....actually I love both of them.

Miri said...

Fabulous! Dynamic and bold!