Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Jan Myers Newbury Class Results - continued

I had hoped to post these results from the class sooner.
I did not have internet access while I traveled after the class.
On arriving in Florida I was told my ISP might not be able to furnish service this year.
What a relief when I finally got service two days ago.
It took another day before I got phone service.
Then my computer started acting up and at 1 a.m. today I was on the phone with my son and he was able to tell me what to do to solve the problem.
I hope this is the happy ending to this story for a long, long time!

Since it has been almost two weeks since our class ended I am going to do my best to share some work by others in the class and hope I get things correct.

This is Kathy Alles's final design project. Her fabrics had such great textures and design they didn't need small pieces to create a strong graphic image. She produced a lot of really interesting unique work in the short span of the 4 days we dyed fabric.

I LOVE the colors and patterns in the fabrics Brenda Jennings created. This is her composition for her final project. A very valuable learning experience in this class was Jan's help with composition and design.

This is Brenda's composition after it had been reworked with Jan's assistance and the cutting of a few pieces of her fabric.

This is Desha's composition. Her fabrics have an awesome detail that was quite labor intensive to create. This is a very elegant rich composition.


Robin said...

Love the textures obtained with dyes.
Puzzles please?

Marion said...

I'm loving these posts from your workshop with Jan. The fabric textures are really incredible!