Friday, November 4, 2011

Jan Myers Newbury Class Results - continued 2

This blog post shares a variety of different things from the class, all exciting and beautiful.

This is an example Jan did that shows techniques she taught us all in the class. Of course I am not at liberty to share these methods and techniques with you.
If Jan teaches this class anywhere within 5000 miles of you, take the class. It will be worth your time. This class is great for both the experienced and the new dyer.

Here are two poles wrapped and ready for a dip.

The soft patterns and colors in this piece by one of the students in the class create a very elegant work of art.

This composition by B Fredette meets my criteria of great art. It could hang anywhere and be a positive addition to the surroundings.


Anita M said...

Hi Kay,
I so appreciate all your postings about this class. It is on my radar to go to the joint SDA/ SAQA conference in Philly next spring and this class is one of the workshops being offered. It is far and above my first choice, based mostly on the photos you have posted!
Many, many thanks

Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

I DO hope you get to take this class. It is FANTASTIC!

Roxane said...

I took her class this year and loved it! Beautiful work!