Saturday, November 5, 2011

Jan Myers Newbury Class Results - continued 3

Today I am sharing some of the final projects from the class. This does not mean these are exactly how they are going to look as class members study them, possibly change them and then sew them together.

Donna from Canada is standing beside her final project on her design wall.

Elizabeth with her final project

Pauline with her final project

This is Judy's final project.

And last, but not least, a puzzle for all my puzzled friends!
Click to Mix and Solve


Judy said...

Hi Kay!

Great pics! Donna was in my class with Jan at the Barn two years ago. She is a sweetheart - as is Jan!


Anonymous said...

Pauline's fab made puting the little states like delaware, ri, in place much easier.... I like her colors a lot.....

Oh, and when do we see YOUR stuff?

Judy from Northport said...

I am new to your blog, and have spent the last couple of hours catching up and I must say that I have thoroughly enjoyed myself.
The blog is a delight.
Having taken Jan's introductory class at ProChem a number of years ago, I can say with certainty that, thanks to you, I surely will be studying with her again some time in the near future.

Robin said...

I love the different looks everyone achieved using the same techniques.
Thanks for the puzzle