Sunday, November 6, 2011

A Wonderful Family Connection Along The Highway Leading South

After I left Baltimore, Ohio and my Jan Myers Newbury class I headed south to Cincinnati, Ohio.

My destination was my cousin's home. We had lost touch almost 40 years ago. With the aid of Facebook we are now connected again and will keep in touch.

This is my cousin Mary and her daughter Margie.
It was through Margie I was able to reconnect with Mary as Mary was not on Facebook.
Fortunately their last name is not extremely common.

One of the highlights of my trip was 2 visits to see my Aunt Catherine (Kate). She recently celebrated her 95th birthday. She is just as sweet and pleasant as she was the last time I saw her which was almost 50 years ago.
She was also able to add some information on a table I have that was made by my dad or one of his brothers in Manual Training class a long long time ago. She thought it was made by my Uncle Charlie which makes sense to me.

Mary and her husband Glenn took me for a wonderful tour of Cincinnati.

They are standing in front of the fountain at The Overlook, a most impressive structure with a most impressive view of Cincinnati.

This is the view we were treated to when we climbed to the very top of The Overlook.

This is the apartment Mary lived in when she and Glenn met almost 50 years ago. It is in a very trendy area of Cincinnati with many restaurants, bars, and shops.

A view of the sports complex and freeways downtown.

We were greated by this pig as we entered the Montgomery Inn on the Ohio River for dinner. The view from our window table was spectacular.
My ribs were the very best I have every had anywhere. My mouth is watering as I tell you this!

It was an amazing two days and I am sharing only a small part of the visit.

I fell in love with Cincinnati and I'm sure part of it was because of an excellent tour by two of the very best ambassadors for their beloved city.

I hope I have a chance to return soon.

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