Thursday, May 2, 2013

211 Amulets


This is what 211 amulets look like several layers deep.

You can see there are a lot of acid green ones. Everyone wanted me to make some in those colors. I found it to be a neutral color that went with everything.

You can also see the pen sticking up in the bowl. I sign each and everyone so people will know who made them

As soon as I get them signed I’ll be ready for more company.

For anyone who still doesn’t know the story about them… it is.

When people come to my house they get to choose 2 amulets. They are to keep one and give one to someone else. It is my way of sharing my art with more people.

Each time they visit after that they get to pick one more. Some of my friends who visit often have quite a collection.

Photo: Gotta love him :) just lost his two front teeth yesterday!

But this guy, my 7 year old grandson has the biggest collection of all!

He just lost his two front teeth and doesn’t look too happy about it.

I have had people ask if they can buy them and they are not for sale.

I have finished signing all 211!


Marie Costa said...

This is so touching, what a lovely way to spread the joy that is art and art making. And of course your amulets are beautiful! So many patterns in such a small space.

Nancy burkhalter said...

I love all of them. I'll have to come back next year so I can have more. Do you ever poke holes in them so they can be used as pendants?
Nancy B

Deb said...

These amulets are absolutely beautiful! Do you give them to guest who visit in both Florida and Wisconsin, or is it for the Florida visitors only? So the only way for me to get one is to come visit you, um...I just might have to plan to do that. Do you accept overnight guest?