Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Amulets–Acid Green and Deep Blue/Purple


It seems like so many people were excited about the prospect of my creating some amulets in acid green so I made a whole bunch of them. These are some of the ones I’ve baked and I have more waiting to be baked. I found Acid Green is a NEUTRAL….it seems to go with everything so I kept going until I had no more of the clay in that color!


Another person suggested the colors of deep blue and purple. I had a limited supply of canes in those colors. I used them all up making these amulets.

Today I will finish up on this project and get going on other things.

I have completed 176 amulets so with one more batch I will have completed over 200.


Windy Hill Happenings said...

They're the colors!

Anonymous said...

These are lovely! Where you do get your canes, or do you make your own? I took one class in polymer clay, but still don't know where to get the supplies or what they are called. Any good reference will be welcome!