Saturday, May 25, 2013

What A Perfect Present!


When I had lunch with my friend Robbie in Florida she talked about phone charms and asked if I had an iPhone.

I showed her my phone with one of my quilts on the case.

This week a package arrived in the mail containing these items.


Isn’t this the most perfect charm anyone could imagine for my phone!

She also coordinated the card and the snap bag she sent it in. I know exactly what I’ll use the bag for.

Isn’t it great when your friends know you so well and are on the same wave length?

Thanks again Robbie!


Mary Stori said...

How very thoughtful of Robbie.....both the phone charm and your personalized case are great ideas!

Robbie said...

SO glad you like your phone charm, Kay!!!! I made it up at the bead store with the help of the owner, monica! I thought for sure it was 'you'!!