Sunday, May 12, 2013

Koeper Cousin Reunion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Glenn and Mary were the first to arrive.


Marilyn and Jim arrived a short time later.


Fortunately Andy stopped in after he finished golfing so we enlisted him to take a picture of all of us.

We could not remember the last time we had all been together although we are guessing it was somewhere around 50 years ago.

I have seen both couples but each separately in the last 8 years.

We reminisced, ate and just had an all around pleasant visit.

The weekend ended all too soon as they each departed for their respective homes.


Mary and Glenn’s departure picture.


Marilyn and Jim’s departure picture.

We all agree that we hope to make this an annual event.

I am so lucky to have just great, fun, and special cousins.

In answer to Mimi's question about the pink beads: I give each of my house guests an hug and a flamingo necklace when they arrive. I am on the second series of necklaces. Jim, Marilyn and Andy are the only ones that have one from each series.


Robbie said...

You are so lucky!!! Looks like fun folks to boot!!!! How nice!! Oh, I'm headed off to bead shop this week!!!! Phone plugs and charms will be on my list!!!

Anonymous said...

What's with the pink beads? I missed something. I too have started to connect more with my cousins and even second cousins... fun times... they know the "stories" and some of them know the stories from a different point of view.