Monday, May 6, 2013

What A Magic Weekend!


I just experienced a magic weekend. My friend Grace was here as my house guest and on Sunday afternoon our mutual friend Sally was able to come over so the three of us could be together again after all those years.

Grace and Sally are sitting in the rocking chairs I purchased almost 51 years ago to this day. Grace, I and our husbands went to a country auction in Ohio and I bought 3 pressed back rockers for $1 each to use on our porch. Grace remembers Jerry saying “And WHAT are you going to do with those Kay?”

Well over the years they have been navy blue, brown, green and now mint green and they are still going strong. I think I got my dollars worth although over the years one of them fell apart!


Grace and Sally at my usual photographic backdrop!


Grace and Kay


Sally and Kay

I wanted to get a picture of all three of us but I couldn’t figure out how to set my camera on the timer so these will have to do!


This is Grace’s farewell picture as she heads to visit another friend.

What a fantastic weekend. It is almost surreal that we were all together again. We are the kind of girlfriends who had no trouble picking up where we left off years ago and catching up on our lives.

Let’s not wait 50 more years to get together again!


Nancy B said...

I'm so glad you finally all got together. What fun!

Robbie said...

nothing like friends!!