Sunday, May 19, 2013

Grandma And Grandpa Koeper

Last week I shared pictures of our “cousin” reunion in Florida.

I want to share a few pictures of our grandparents that we enjoyed looking at last weekend.


This is our grandmother Matilda Gruenwald Koeper on her confirmation day.


This is  our Grandpa Casper Koeper. It is probably the earliest one I have, although I have no idea how old he was.


This picture shows the two of them in their house in Milwaukee. None of us remember them being this young. We all remember the house and so many details from it.


Here are the three cousins – Jim, Kay and Mary.

Do you see any resemblance between us or to our grandparents?


Anonymous said...

The second picture of your grandmother has shades of Kay. I would say your cousins favor your grandfather more. What is interesting to me is the first grandpa picture - the tie - the pocket watch - the creases in the hat - and those creases are mighty fancy.... but the hat form is different from the hats I first knew from the thirty's and forty's... I was struck that he is not skinny - skinny as youth often are. Then the second picture - different tie style - and he seems to be the same weight with a few less hairs. Wish I knew his secret. As a couple they look very comfortable with themselves - not often seen in that time and sure not on a photograph!!! It is lovely. End of my two cents.

Windy Hill Happenings said...

Oh Kay...I love old pictures and I especially love the one of your grandmother on her confirmation day. What a beauty and her dress amazing. Looks like it was all French Hand sewing. Your are lucky to have those treasures