Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Silk Scarves–Orange Overdyed With Turquoise


When I dyed these silk scarves the orange was far to strong for almost anyone to wear.

I decided to overdye them with a turquoise. I didn’t have turquoise dye so I mixed my own.

No matter how much of the blue dye powder I added to the yellow it still was very green so I went with that.

It did tone them down somewhat but in the photo it still looks like a VERY strong orange.

I have a feeling the yellow in the mixed dye also did it’s work on the original orange.


These two scarves started out with a much paler orange as I used spent dyes to dye them orange.

I did a clamp resist on each of them and I am happy with them. They DID turn out very green.

Silk takes the dye quite differently than cotton and I will be sharing the cottons I over dyed soon.


Terri said...

I am dying to try dying... but the mess puts me off. Do you use Rit? I'll have to investigate your tutorials.

Carolyn said...

Turquoise is the primary I use if I want bright hues.