Monday, May 13, 2013

Polymer Clay–It’s More Than Amulets!


My cousin Mary asked to see my polymer clay jewelry but we ran out of time. I decided if I posted it on the blog she will get to see it!

I have made most of the bracelets on this display stand. You also see some commercial ones I have purchased. I have these arranged in color groups I can wear together.


This is a Potato Chip necklace, named by Pier Voulkos since it is shaped like a potato chip.



This Potato Chip necklace was made with gold metallic clay.  The gold metallic clay can produce some very exciting results depending how you put the design together.


I learned to make this style necklace in a class I took from Lindly Haunani. It is such a fun necklace, just like Lindly herself!

These are just a small part of the jewelry I have made from Polymer Clay. I will be showing more of them on a future post.

Many pieces I made have been sold and I didn’t get pictures of them.


Mary Stori said...

How clever....why didn't I think of this?? I'm allergic to metal (making me now a cheap more jewelry gifts!!). Well....ones consisting of metal polymer clay....that's the answer!

Gina said...

Fun pieces!

Robbie said...

Your talent is never ending! Nice pieces!