Sunday, April 26, 2015

Backyard Beauties

The Garden Club in our community had a garden tour Saturday morning.

What amazing creativity in the back yards of 6 homes.

When driving down the streets these are things we could never imagine.


Lovely flower bed


Loved this screen and the flowers


Not only did I love this yard but the table and chairs each painted a different color were awesome.


Don’t miss the chandelier hanging in the tree…how clever!


Loved the glass totem on the pole made from a wine bottle and other pieces of glassware.


I took many more pictures and could have spent all day taking pictures.

Each yard was so different and I LOVED them all.

It was obvious that all these homeowners put many many hours into their yards.

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Lesley Oldham said...

They are, indeed, pretty gardens. I bet the owners don't have dogs! Mine bury stuff, then forget where. I bought plants which are supposed to repel dogs and cats, but they dug them up, along with everything else!!