Saturday, April 11, 2015

Beautiful Dye Rag


I use almost NO paper towels to clean up when I dye fabric. I always have several dye rags in the works to wipe up spills and clean up my tools.

I think this one is ready to be retired. I will use it as a whole cloth piece or maybe cut parts of it I am particularly fond of.

This one has been used at LEAST 40 times, maybe twice as many times as that.

It started as a piece of lovely pima cotton that must have had a perma-press finish. It did not take the dye well.

I washed it many times as I used it to clean up and I think I’ve washed off the perma-press finish.

It is a large piece, somewhere between 3/4 of a yard and a yard of 45 inch fabric.

These dye rags are a bonus fabric.

I’ve used this one so much I’ve probably saved a tree!


Marie said...

Wow! That sure looks spectacular. Lovely serendipity.

Elisabeth Sweeny said...

It's gorgeous!

Robin said...

Looks like a riotous flower garden. Love it.