Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Plum Parfait


Yesterday I dyed 55 pieces of fabric. By the time I got done I was wiped out. Not only did I dye all of them, but did numerous cold water rinses to eliminate the soda ash, but also did the 205 degree water wash with blue Dawn to remove any loose dye. Then I did another wash with a Shout Color Catcher sheet to be sure there was no more loose dye.

After that I put them in the dryer for a very short time and ironed them all dry. If I leave them in the dryer for a longer time or until dry wrinkles can become set and next to impossible to remove.

The 5 pieces you see are the result of another parfait where I put 5 pieces of fabric in one container and add dye to each one before I put another white fabric on top of it.

With this method of dyeing I never know what I am going to get as some dyes separate and react differently with the previous or subsequent dye.

I really am pleased with this group of fabrics.


Verna Groger said...

Those are really beautiful! What kind of dyes do you use? I've never done any dyeing, but seeing your work makes me want to try. :)

Rebecca said...

That last (bottom) piece looks exactly like sun shining through leaves, and the piece above like sun sparkling on water in a book! What ephemeral pieces. Yes, seeing yours makes me want to run out and dye, too.