Friday, April 17, 2015

I’ve Started Quilting This Circle Quilt

You may remember seeing this quilt when I was layering quilts recently.


I worked on the quilting of the circles and the red lines yesterday.

Today I was busy shopping, eating jelly beans and napping so I didn’t get any more quilting done.

All I have left to quilt are the black areas which I admit are the major part of the quilt.

It’s really straighter than it looks, but I don’t take the best photos!


In this picture you should be able to see the quilting lines.

You can also see the safety pins I pinned the layers together with. On a quilt this size I usually just use my flower pins to pin the layers. Since I layered so many quilts at once I ran out of flower pins.

I am looking forward to finishing the quilting on this and then the facings and casing.

I have several more to finish in the next few weeks and a few more fabrics I need to dye.


Margaret said...

I really like this piece...the quilting lines echo the lines in the black print background, and the red 'dripping' lines on the 'moons'. I'd love to see it in person.

Robbie said...

You know your black shibori pieces are just some of my favorites!! said...

Love love love the moons with the dripping orange, & the black shibori background just set them off perfectly. Wow

Kathi said...

Very striking.