Wednesday, February 10, 2016

A Studio Is Never Finished Part 1

Wherever I consider my studio it is in a constant state of change.
It expands, changes, takes up any space available.
As I spent time this week doing sunprinting I put this table in the garage next to the car. It meant I had to learn to park the car a little more to the right or I couldn’t get in or out of the car!
I hung fabrics ready to sunpaint in the laundry room. The door on the left leads directly to the garage where I paint.
When it was time for the sun to do it’s work pieces got moved outside onto the grass.
A professional organizer would be appalled if they were to see my space and how I choose to use it!
But it is a place for me to work, create and come up with ideas.
In addition to being a place to work it also needs to be a place to store supplies.
It needs to fulfill all these needs and more.
I do store things in an organized manner…..even though some of the organization is in plain view which might bother some people. I don’t consider this a mess.
Having things in plain view helps me to focus on what I will do next…….which is a plan that often changes as priorities change.
Even with various non art related things happeing this week I can say I was able to accomplish quite a bit in this “studio space”.
Stay tuned as there will me more pictures and thoughts to follow.

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