Friday, February 19, 2016

Quilt That Set House Color Scheme

I made this quilt at least 23 years ago. It is a nap or blankie size and I have it hanging over a chair in the master bedroom.
It is a unique coloration for a double wedding ring quilt. The love of the colors is what kept me interested long enough to finish it. It is hand quilted. 
We built an addition to our home and it was finished in 1993. This quilt was made before the addition was even started.
Some people may think I work backward! I had a color scheme for the addition before we even had plans completed. We used these colors in the addition and they also slowly crept into the rest of the house.
Nothing is static with my decorating but all the changes I have made have kept the color scheme throughout the main floor. I may have tweaked the colors in some of the accessories to keep things from becoming boring. I have added some pieces of vintage Scandinavian furniture I purchased on eBay but they are neutral teak.
I have added a very few new accessories. Most of them that I have received as gifts or purchased when travelling. I like a new look so I am continually moving accessories and sometimes furniture around the house. I know I have hit on the perfect surroundings as I never tire of the decor. Not only that, it is a lot less expensive that following the latest decorating trends.

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