Sunday, February 28, 2016

WIP–Decisions To Make

This is another one of my long term projects started almost 10 years ago.
I did some sunprinting on the border fabric which started as a fat quarter.
Next it told me to cut it into 4 pieces to be a border….but it didn’t tell me what should be in the center. I played with a lot of different fabric and settled on this rust salt painted fabric.
I still had no direction so again played with many fabrics and decided to do one of my negative/positive cuts for the center. I wasn’t sure how to cut it, but ended up looking at an old sketch book and I had sketched something like this…probably over 10 years ago.
I was pleased with the finished composition but I still have decisions to make. While I am making these decisions I like to hang the work on a wall where I can see it as I go about my day doings other things. Decision 1: Do I make it bigger? Decision 2: Do I add some freeform curved piecing? Decision 3: Do I leave it this size?   I settled on decision 3.
But wait, I still have to come up with a quilting/stitching plan to finish this. I have several ideas and I could make the decision today or it could take more time.
Stay tuned!

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