Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The Quilting Makes The Quilt

The design of a quilt is important in  successful composition.
That can be enhanced by proper quilting. It is not always evident right away what will be best for a particular quilt.
There are no hard and fast rules. A lot of this can come from experience.
The quilting should not overwhelm the quilt design itself. There currently is a tendency to “quilt the bejebbers” out of a quilt. There are quilts that can be improved with that approach. Generally they are simple quilts with solid or traditional fabrics.
Bejeebers quilting would have destroyed what had been created with the detailed fabrics and design of the piecing in this quilt.
I personally believe that Bejebbers quilting started when we started machine quilting our quilts. It was furthered with the use of mid and long arm machines. There is nothing wrong with either machine quilting or quilts being quilted on a mid or long arm machine.
If used appropriately they can make it possible to quilt a quilt much faster than we could when we hand quilted all our work. I find that machine quilting is VERY appropriate for quilts with a graphic design that would be destroyed with the soft effect hand quilting would create.
Think about this next time you are thinking about quilting your next quilt.

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andrea @ tideline quilts said...

I think your quilt is delightful as it is, and would have been equally delightful had some areas been quilted differently. I believe that art (quilting) is subjective, and what is pleasing to one person's eye may be more or less so to another's. It comes down to a question of personal taste and expression - and, also, the use for which the quilt is destined. I think we all want our bed quilts to be soft and with good drape, unless they are not going to be slept under and are just being used as a coverlet. Type of fabric used, along with piecing design are also important considerations - but, in the end, there really is no "right" or "wrong" way - as long as the maker is happy with the end result! :o)