Tuesday, May 2, 2017

A New Silk Scarf

A friend and I each dyed a large scarf with Color Hue dyes.
They are fun to work with and behave differently than any other dyes I’ve ever worked with as they set instantly. No rinsing required and no color transfer to anything else.
If you want to mix colors you have to do that before you put the dye on the silk as once they are on the fabric they don’t mix with subsequent colors you add.
This one was a two step process. I first did baggie dyeing.
Next I folded it and did fold dyeing.
It’s always fun to try new ways of using the dyes.
It is 14 x 70 inches which means it can be tied a lot of different ways.

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Robbie said...

Never used Color Hue dyes...pretty scarf...