Monday, May 8, 2017

Horses, Food, Fun, Family and Friends! Part 2

Living in horse country the Kentucky Derby is a big day with BIG parties.
The race only last about 2 minutes, but the pre race and after race extends it…..
but the parties go on for hours and hours!

Now most people think it is all about the horses, the race and the Run For The Roses.
We Southern Ladies in Marion County Florida know what it is really about!
Even some of the men get in the spirit and sport their favorite hats.
It’s me, my Florida daughter and my twin!
My middle child and my Florida daughter intent on watching the race.image
Sorry middle child, it looks better on Tina!
The fun ladies in their hats!
Tucker and Harley thought they looked pretty darn cute!
And last but not least, the back of Lauren’s hat is spectacular!

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