Friday, May 5, 2017

My Art, My Passion, My Life

Embellish Magazine cover June 2017
I have been very fortunate to have my art recognized as it has been recently and in the past.
family Christmas with prisma black and white
I have always been too busy creating my art, living my life, teaching, running a business or two and being involved with family, NOT necessarily in that order, to seek recognition.
From the first time I was aware of fabric and fibers my life has been centered around using them in one way or another. I still can remember the texture and exact color of Navy blue of my Uncle Charlie’s Navy uniform and also the texture of his starched hat.
I have had so many people who have helped me share my work over the years, whether it was in publications, shows, or awards.
I won’t even attempt to name names as there are just TOO many people who have helped me and believed in me. But I would be remiss if I didn’t give credit to my mother who encouraged me and sent me to camps and classes where I could exercise my love of fibers and crafts.
Without the students who pushed me for more, MORE, MORE over the years I don’t believe I would have done all the research and development to satisfy them. It allowed me to develop and create work, even long after I gave up teaching. Sally Fry took classes from me for over 30 years and never repeated the same class twice.

I have not written all of this so you can tell me I am great, wonderful, talented, etc. It is more of an affirmation of what my ART means to me.
I am not done yet, not my a long shot.
I am fortunate I now have the time to create my ART as the major passion in my life .
As I just heard on a show I am watching and I hope this is true:


Hyon O'Brien said...

You are truly blessed to have a gift and passion to apply that talent and time & other factors that make it possible to create.

Robbie said...

And we look forward to seeing more of your wonderful work!!!! So exciting to be recognized in another 'land' so to speak!! Yea for you!