Thursday, January 20, 2011

Another Color Family - Rerun

I am posting this rerun so that you can see why I am dyeing these color swatches.
They will be cut up and shared with the other members of our groups. Each of them will paste up my samples as I did with this group you see here:

After taking Carol Soderlund's Dyeing I class several of us decided to each dye a color family and trade squares with each other.
I am now working on pasting up these families.

This is the color family I finished pasting up tonight.
There are several pure reds, yellows and blues that can be combined to produce a color famiy and each combination gives you slightly different colors. It is really an exciting process.

I continue to marvel at the colors as I paste up each family. Such delicious discoveries.

For anyone who is seduced by color I can't recommend Carol's classes enough. In addition to quilters people who weave and knit also love her classes. There are also those who just love to dye the fabrics - who may or may not make anything with them.
What an exciting passion to have.