Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Studio Bookcases - Before and after!

About a week ago I mentioned I had watched the Nate Berkus show on TV and his subject was making bookshelves more attractive.
This one was not bad as I had done some work on it recently.
But before I knew it I was up there redoing it again.

This is what the book shelf looked like before I reorganized it. I didn't show the other part of the bookcases as they weren't looking good when I took this photograph.
Someone asked to see a photo of the revised arrangement. Here it is:

This is the revised bookcase. I have to admit it does look a lot better.
I also hung some different art around it.
I had hoped to hang some pictures in front of some sections.
It wouldn't work as the shelves have a particle board base and if I had tried putting nails or screws in the edges to hang things I would have made a big mess of the shelves.
The new 3M hooks wouldn't work as the edges are not flat.
If anyone has a solution to my problem, I'd love to hear it.

This puzzle cut is the closest to looking like books on a shelf.
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Anonymous said...

Where did the 3 ring binders go? And if you hang a picture to make the book shelf "look nicer" you are far more likely to NOT look at the books behind it....

The color spine groupings are amazing - subject mater mixed?

Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

I went through the 3 ring binders and threw out those I no longer needed along with papers in them I no longer referenced.
The color flow of the books uses similar subject books on a shelf. Of course since I used the color method to arrange them I could not put them in alphabetical order by author.
I also culled about 2-3 linear feet of books.
These either went to my grandaughter or were donated to charity.