Friday, January 14, 2011


For several years I have been collecting sock yarn dyed by Emily Parson.
I had sockaphobia and was scared to death to knit a pair of socks.

Recently I decided if I wanted warm and colorful socks I'd have to bite the bullet and just do it.

Drum roll, Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Here they are:

Socks are meant to be twins - identical twins.
Mine are more like fraternal twins!

I still need to tweak the size a little on the next pair. I can now see though why so many people are addicted to sock knitting.

Tonight I started on some warm knit and felted slippers which are really a simplified sock. My feet have been cold in the evening and these will be the perfect solution.

I am also hoping that as soon as I get them done the weather will change and I won't need them!


Gale, pursuing as much as I can as fast as I can! said...

HOORAY on your first pair of sox! I don't know if I agree that sox should be twins, tho .... there are an awful lot of fun sock "pairs" out there that might be in the same family but definitely not twins :-)

I, too, love to knit sox. Not sure exactly what it is about them - maybe being able to control all those needles? or, they're small so feel more "finishable" or ... they're just fun!!! At any rate, HOORAY & welcome to sockdom!

Eva said...

Isn't it boring to do two identical pieces? Something always tricks me into creating differences. This is what keeps me from trying anything that comes in pairs.
Well done! I guess you can't tell when wearing them which is the older and which is the younger brother.

Cathy said...


Mary said...

I also am trying to learn to knit socks. You did a great job.

GerryART said...

your sox are GREAT ! ! ! !

Perhaps now you are on a trend of knitting sox.

I love to knit sox - I knit 1-at-a-time on a 40" circular needle.

I've made almost three dozen pair in the past three years.

Let's me more sox from your needles.

K2-P2 Hugs,