Saturday, January 22, 2011

Another Hot Date Tomorrow!

Tomorrow my hot date is with a younger man and his initials are A. R.
What can I say about him?
Good looking, talented, intelligent, knows when to make a move - these are just a few of the things I can tell you about him.
He loves the Green and Gold and wears it well.
I suppose you are beginning the think I am fickle.
I really am not - this has been an ongoing relationship and it will never end.

I always have fresh flowers in this vase. Today I chose a green and gold floral arrangement with tomorrow's Packer game in mind.

Some people may think these are Christmas ornaments but any one in Wisconsin knows these are Packer ornaments.

I wore these shoes last week and they were good luck so I plan to wear them again tomorrow along with the the same freshly washed sweatshirt and pants I wore last Sunday. The weather will be nippy so warm clothing is in order.

Jeff and Cooper have the perfect chairs to watch the Packer game.

This is another wall in Jeff's Packer "shrine"!

I invite anyone who's team is no longer in the playoffs to cheer along with us for the Green Bay Packers!


Rachel Parris said...

And the Pack is in!! Your shoes must have done the trick. Rachel Parris

Chris said...

Ha Ha. Go Pack!!