Sunday, January 2, 2011

Our Traditional Christmas Morning Brunch

This is the main entree for our Brunch. I just added the cheese and it will be done momentarily.

It's in the bowl and ready to serve.

We also have cranberry/orange juice served from the red cut glass pitcher, fresh hot cinnamon rolls and fresh fruit salad.

I didn't do this alone. Julie and Jessica did everything except cook the egg dish.

In case you are wondering why I am sharing this today, it is because we just were able to enjoy it today since they weren't here for Christmas morning.

I think this puzzle might make you hungry!
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Mary Stori said...

What?? No Kringle??
Mary Stori

Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

To get the Kringle we have to drive 27 miles so not for Christmas brunch!

Rachel Parris said...

Will you share your recipe? It looks delicious and easy.