Friday, January 28, 2011

Quilt Show At The Villages

Today I attended a quilt show in The Villages.

This was the first quilt I saw as I walked in the door. It was the largest quilt and you can get an idea of the size by the people in the photo in front of it.
It was also very creative. I had hoped to get another shot of it without anyone in the photo but there were always people in front of it. The show was well attended and will continue on Saturday.

This Log Cabin quilt uses a coloration that is not as popular as the traditional designs. It was very effective and attractive.

This "color wheel" style quilt was very stunning. It attracted a lot of attention.

This very complex quilt was beautifully executed.


Carol G said...

Thanks for posting these photos. I live in North Florida and wanted to get to the show but just couldn't. You got me there virtually!

patricia wills said...

thank you for posting these pics! they are really very beautiful and exempilify creative use of fabric and color. of course i am especially drawn to the huge quilt of a band and their audience! wonderful! where are the Villages???

Brenda Jarke said...

All I can say is WOW! To me this is ART in fabric, instead of on a canvas. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing. Brenda

Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

The Villages are in central Florida 20 miles south of Ocala, or a little over an hour northwest of Orlando.