Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Family Gift Christmas Time and Pizza Fondue - 2

Life got in my way and I am very late with this post about the other half of the family.

Over 20 years ago I made these shirts for my husband and myself. They still look like new. It pays to use good quality fabrics when you sew.
My son Greg and my granddaughter Jessica wore them for our gift time and pizza fondue dinner.

Jessica and her brothers Jared and Nicholas are clowning around before we open gifts.

Jessica shows her Santa ornament.

Nicholas shares his Santa ornament.

Jared is studying his Hummel figurine he received. He is always reading so I felt this was quite appropriate for him. He let me know that what he reads is not a German language newspaper which is what this Hummel figurine features!

Blake, like his Uncle Jeff, seems to think his Santa is an earring! Blake missed the pizza fondue dinner. He was in New York City playing his trombone in the Iowa State Marching Band at for the Pin Stripe Bowl. He arrived in Wisconsin on the morning of January 31st so he could join the family for his cousins New Years Eve wedding.

Julie is admiring her Mrs. Santa ornament.

Greg is wondering why I gave him a Santa who is sitting on top of the world?
Maybe that is because I think of him as being on top of the world as he flies so often!

I have only shared the Santa gifts, but this year included Handmade Bear Of the Month ornaments, beer steins, golf towels, rings, jewelry, and many other pieces of family memorabilia.

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