Monday, January 9, 2012

Potato Chip Quilt 2 - It's Quilted!

I decided how to quilt this and the quilting was finished in one day. It only took part of the day as I spent quite some time knitting another hat.

I used medium gray thread and quilted it in vertical lines.
The batting was Pellon Fusible polyester fleece. I fuse this to the back of the pieced quilt and then pin the backing to it to complete the sandwich.

I used a walking foot on my machine which allowed me to quilt without wrinkles forming.

I'm very pleased with it. The only thing left is to add the facings and casing and it will be done.

I thought this was perfect for a puzzle!
Click to Mix and Solve


Mary Stori said...

Kay....I LOVE everything about this beauty!!

Anonymous said...

You make potato chip quilt looks so easy but in fact it takes "an eye" to color to get it to balance... not my fort BUT I do love the puzzles.

Gail Baar said...

I love this quilt! The colors are very subtle, and the design is simple.

Mina said...

I really like this color combination. It makes me feel like I want to make one - tonight. What is the final size?