Monday, January 16, 2012

Quilt Number 362

This is a lap sized quilt I finished yesterday. It is simple, yet striking with only 6 fabrics.

The color scheme came from the backing fabric.

I was able to resize this and adapt it as a puzzle!
Click to Mix and Solve

I backed it with Polar Fleece.
There is no batting.
The Polar Fleece makes a warm quilt and it is not slippery so it stays where you put it.

I have also done the same thing with children's quilts and they love to snuggle under them.


bingo~bonnie said...

14:31 was my time. What a challenge b/c like colors didn't go side by side but diagonal. :)

Thanks for the fun!

Love from Indiana! ~bonnie

Rhonda said...

I love this quilt and the color choices. It's looks like one section of a Trip Around the World. Love it!!!

LuAnn said...

I love your colors, and I think I will try using polar fleece for a backing this winter, too.

Robin said...

Very cute quilt. My first quilt in 1981 was an around the world for my new daughter.
loved the puzzle