Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Potato Chip Quilt - A Decorating Flair

I received this photo of one of the things Lindly Haunani made from my Potato Chip tutorial.

This is what she had to say about her project:
Thank you for sharing the Potato chip quilt "recipe" with me. I got a little carried away - I was afraid I wouldn't have enough yardage for my planned project which was to cover my rolling drawers in my studio area. I went through my fabric stash cutting strips and setting aside the extras. Once I amassed a collection of of strips, I sorted them by color and began assembling the piece. I prepared a gift package of extra strips and fabrics that didn't fit into the rainbow idea and mailed them off to Dayle Doroshow so she could use them in her fabric collages.

So, Now I have Potato Chip- for twelve feet of drawers, a queen sized bed and a ruffled vanity cover.

Lindly is a foremost Polymer Clay artist and behind her "curtain" are drawers full of her polymer clay suppplies.

It is so much fun seeing what how people have been taking my tutorial and running with it - in so many different directions.

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