Monday, January 23, 2012

The Quilting Connection Is Alive And Well In The Villages

Last night my friend Beth and I had the pleasure of attending a reception for Debbie Jones at her friend Donna's home in The Villages.
What a lovely group of quilters we met.

I was so glad to meet Donna. What a lovely creative person. I am sure she will be someone to watch with her quilting as she gets even more involved in it.
She is also a fabulous creative cook. Look at the presentation of her lollipop style cupcakes on a stick! Fabulous.

When I walked in I was immediately struck by this fantastic quilt she had on her wall. I believe it was done with the Nine degree circle wedge ruler. It was so striking.

Then she called my attention to the valances on her windows on the adjoining wall and the fabric was the same one. How clever is that!

The trend today in quilting often is how much can I do to one quilt. I am a firm believer that often the simplest things, well designed, are the best. This is a perfect example of that. It also is an excellent and judicious use of fabric to enhance the decorating style and showcase other items in the area.

In case you don't see what is happening - the entire quit is cut from just this one fabric reversing the sections so that light and dark alternate around the quilt. I didn't see this when I first viewed it from closeup, even though I thought it was extremely attractive. When I stepped back into the next room it became apparent to me.

It was so good to have a chance to chat with Debbie and of course we caught up on our visits to New Mexico with our mutual friend Sue and got updated with what is happening in her life. There are some people who come into your life and you want to keep them forever. Debbie is one of them and Donna is another I hope to remain in touch with.

I also look forward to seeing many of the new people I met again - what a vibrant enthusiastic group.

An all star puzzle for an all star hostess!
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Anonymous said...

Connections are great... and this cupcake creation was fun to do as puzzle....

Robin said...

interesting fabric used well. The puzzle was really fun to do

Debbie Jones said...

It was wonderful to visit with you again, Kay, and I enjoyed meeting Beth! What a fun time we had! Donna is a sweetheart. :)