Saturday, January 14, 2012

I Would Really Appreciate It If You Would Vote For My Quilt

I have entered my quilt "In Living Color" in this contest.
The winner will be chosen by popular vote and I'd be honored if you would go to this link and vote for my quilt.

Scroll down to see my quilt.

Votes must be entered before midnight on January 25th.

Thank you so much.

Just click on this link to get to the voting page.

You may have to choose to like Aurifil threads and allow them to access your Facebook information to vote? Wish that wasn't required.

The best quilt may not be the winner - the quilt by someone with the most Facebook friends may win?

I am not sure whether or not you have to even be on Facebook to vote?

They have not make this clear to the entrants.

I am going to attempt to find out.


Anonymous said...

Please add directions on the voting process. I finally got my vote to register, but only after "liking" Aurifil and giving the company permission to access info on my Facebook account.

Linda said...

I voted Kay. Good Luck! It's a beauty for sure.

Robin said...

OK vote in- you must be on FB and let them access your profile to prove who you are.