Sunday, January 29, 2012

New/Vintage Dining Room Chandelier

Recently I replaced the chandelier in my dining room with this vintage piece I found on eBay.
The colors work with my decor.
It is iron that is gold leafed or painted and the pink and clear parts are lucite.
The seller thought it was about 20 years old, but I think it could be much older than that.
It came from a mansion in Florida.

Although our dining room is small by today's standards the chandelier is very large.
We were concerned it wouldn't work in the room, but by hanging it at the height we did and because of the see thru quality of the lucite it is perfect.

The chandelier that was in the dining room was moved to the front hall where it is much brighter than the fixture that was there. The one that was in the front hall was moved to the back hall where little light is needed and it is more in keeping with the colors and decor of that part of the house.

This was a four hour procedure for the electrician as he had to figure out how to put the chandelier together and then we had to make some decisions to see if we could adjust the height of chandelier in the front hall so even the tallest member of our family could walk under it without hitting it.

The cut for this puzzle is called "Bulbs"! How appropriate!
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Dolores said...

Definitely an unusual chandelier. It's great that you had a place for the other lighting fixtures.