Monday, January 30, 2012

I Planted Quilt Seeds!

There are days when I just want to sew, sew, sew.
I don't want to think, cut, design, quilt, or finish a quilt.

I had a good size bin of scraps. It also contained quite a few fat quarters.

So I decided to use my Accuquilt GO fabric cutter and cut them all into squares, triangles and strips.

Now the bin is empty and I have two trays full of seeds.

I can randomly sew these together and eventually they can become something.

Maybe they'll be utilitarian quilts, possibly art, or they could also become smaller items.

Normally if I start to work with the pieces in a scrap bin for a project, when I get done the bin is fuller than when I started.

This is definitely a first!

This time I threw away the "scraps too small to use" and it was a good feeling!

Maybe you can put my "scraps" back together as you do this puzzle!
Click to Mix and Solve


Anonymous said...

Oh, ho ho, I am going to comment before I tackle the scraps... Can't wait to see what comes of your new toy....

Barbarba Douglas said...

Kay, you asked on QA if anyone else did this; my answer would be sort of. I keep all of the scraps, but don't bother cutting them into sizes. On days when I want to sew, create but don't want to think or can't think, I just start sewing scraps together, randomly rotary cut across them insert and sew a scrap, cut insert, sew. I make it large or small. I use them for a background, or the start of an abstract bag. I also use this technique to get students over fears, fears of going beyond traditional or even fears of cutting. Some days this is just so much fun, relaxing and freeing~Barb