Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Hybrid Seeds For Quilts

Just like there are more than one kind of fruit or vegetable seed to plant in a garden, there are many types of seeds to start a quilt. There are also so many different sizes of seeds, from the ones you can hardly see to very large ones.
My hybrids fall into the large seed category.

I am creating a collection of "hybrid" seeds.

That is why I am concentrating on getting a collection of fabrics dyed to add to the ones already in my collection.

There are some hybrids that come from grafting various techniques and colors and give me surprising results.

Then there are those items I "graft" and hope I'll get the desired result.

Just like you don't want to grow all one color in your garden, I need both bright and subtle colors for my hybrid seeds.

As some of you are anticipating spring and ordering seeds from the colorful catalogs you receive in the mail, I am anticipating how to use my hybrid quilt seeds.

I have shown you less than half of the hybrid quilt seeds I have created in the last few months.
I believe I will be beginning to "plant" my garden soon.

I hope your seed collection will grow prolifically, whether you plant them in the ground or use them to make a quilt!

I put fewer pieces in this puzzle than normal since it does not have a lot of color contrast which would make it easier to put together.
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