Monday, February 20, 2012

Simply Sensational Six Pointed Stars

This is a technique I developed to make it easy to do those tricky six pointed stars.
The traditional way of doing them means a lot of Y seams.
This method has NONE of those dreaded Y seams.

As with any quilt the way you put your colors together can make or break the success of your finished quilt.

I used a rainbow of hand dyed fabrics for the stars themselves.

The background is black fabric that I spattered with a bleach/water solution. The black fabric is the Holy Grail of dischargable black fabric - it discharges to white. NO - it is no longer available anywhere!

The quilt still needs borders. I will have to do some more bleach spattered fabric for the borders.

The cut I used for this puzzle is called "Six Star" - how appropriate!
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Annie said...

I love your 6-pionted stars! Is the technique you developed published any where?