Friday, February 3, 2012

Quilt Seedlings

In addition to Quilt Seeds and Hybrid Quilt Seeds I also use Quilt Seedlings to design my work.

This group of quilt seedlings are primarily blues.

Quilt Seedlings are pieces of fabric that have Wonder Under on the back of them.

When I have small scraps of fabrics left I put a lot of them on a sheet of Wonder Under and that is one way I get seedlings.

I save the rest of the piece when I cut something from a piece of fabric. If I cut out a shape and don't use it, it also becomes a seedling for a future piece.

Having these small seedlings takes away the fear of cutting into a large precious piece of fabric.
I also get ideas to use those large precious pieces as I am making these smaller works of art.

These can also be used on larger works by combining them or adding them as details.


Mary Stori said...

I love the idea of 'quilt seedlings'......perfect description of your process!

Sue Andrus said...

Don't you just Love Wonder Under!! I do similar, but I usually start by putting the WU on the back of up to half yard pieces at a time and keep the little leftover bits sorted by color for smaller projects.... Such fun!