Saturday, February 18, 2012

Shibori - Where It Begins

Most of the Shibori I am currently doing is Arashi Shibori - which means it is wrapped on some sort of pole.

I often set up a pole wrapping station on my peninsula counter in the kitchen so I can wrap a pole or two whenever the spirit moves me.

Some poles can be wrapped in 5-10 minutes and others take hours.

These are some poles I have wrapped and they are ready to dye. Each of these has been previously dyed. I don't always do double dyeing of the fabrics.

I will get more poles wrapped before I do the dyeing as it makes more sense to have many poles in the dye buckets.

This one took "forever" to wrap. It is a large piece of cotton/linen damask.
I had previously dyed it to get color samples of colors I was working with and there was far too much white. I had thought the colors would blend together but I guess I should have used a lot more dye if I wanted that effect.

This is the result after I over dyed it. I am very pleased with this piece.

I thought this would make a great puzzle using my favorite lizard cut!
Click to Mix and Solve

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Robbie said...

Yes, a lot of time but well worth all your work!!