Saturday, February 4, 2012

32nd Anniversary Of The First Jinny Beyer Quilt Seminar At Hilton Head Island!

Around noon today Kaye Rhodes, Mary Nolan and I were reminiscing about the Jinny Beyer Seminar at Hilton Head Island.
The last seminar was held in 2009.

We each have wonderful happy memories from the years we attended.
Mary participated for 25 consecutive years - what a great record.
I now live in the same county Mary lived in many years ago!
Yes, it is a small world.

Of course Kay and I share a first name - even though she has an "e" at the end - I added an "e" when I was in junior high for a while!

One can not think Hilton Head Island without thinking of the iconic light house at Harbour Town.

My friends and I always arrived the weekend before the seminar began and spent our time shopping.

When we found this sign at a store we knew it was meant for us!

Even the coldest day ever on Hilton Head Island did not deter these us from our pursuit of 50% or more off!

This scene was repeated many times in the days before the seminar began!

Once the seminar began we were all business. Sally thought outside the box to create a "design wall".

I created this Violet pin in a class I took from Andrea Perkins.

This is the beginning of a Medallion style quilt from one of the first seminars.

This was the beginning of a King Size medallion quilt also started in an early seminar. I have scaled back my expectations and this will finish to be smaller than bed size.

This circular design created in a John Flynn class became the yoke area on a jacket. I finished the jacket and wore it to the Saturday banquet that year.

Each year on Friday there was a Beach Walk/Run and many of us created special garments to wear for it.

For many years we were privileged to see the Fairfield Fashion Show brought to us by none other than Donna Wilder. This was always one of my favorite parts of the seminar.

This was an outfit I created for the Fairfield Fashion Show and wore it for the banquet a few years later.

We had this photo taken of our group with Jinny Beyer at the closing of the 1985 seminar.

The banquet concluded the seminar each year and it was always bitter sweet.

The memories linger on, long after the last and final seminar in 2009.


Mary Nolan said...

Great Stuff, Kay - I took that class with John Flynn and mine is still in the half finished stage! Amazed that you could sew straight and have it turn out in a circle. I remember the jacket you made! The picture of you all on the beach was my first year - as had classes with both Donna Wilder and Jean wells - I think they were vest classes. See Pam in along the pictures as well. Great times, thanks for posting the pictures. I must have 100's of pictures over the years. Made Jinny a scrapbook of each year and gave it to her at the farewell Seminar.

Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

OK Mary - I'll confess but you have to promise not to tell a living breathing soul!
I took one segment out to make it lie flat which was fine since I was cutting it open anyhow to make the jacket!