Thursday, February 23, 2012

An Amazing Knitting Project! UPDATE

This is the 6th day I have been working on this.
I have made some great progress since yesterday.

I weighed the remaining yarn and I am almost half finished knitting the tube.
If I keep up at this rate I should be finished in another week of knitting.

I can't stop knitting as I am so anxious to see what the finished shawl will look like.

Several people have asked for details on the yarn and the pattern. I will share more when I finish and know I am successful!

I hope you enjoy this puzzle. The shawl is still a puzzle to me!
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Anonymous said...

The puzzle came together faster than I figured. Do hope knitting and cutting "comes together" for you as well.
We will be waiting.

Sandy said...

Kay- this is the moist gorgeous color I've ever seen in yarn! Can't wait to see what it is becoming.